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JLabel Link: Open Browser Form Swing GUI By Clicking On Link

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Daily Dose: CloudBees Extends Java PaaS to Private Cloud

CloudBees now supports OpenStack and vSphere. This new move will extend CloudBees' Java PaaS support to the private cloud environment, i.e. behind company...

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Java Hello World Snippet. Also Testing Formatting.

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Daily Dose: FuseSource IDE for Camel

Fuse IDE for Camel, the new integrated development environment for Camel, is now available through FuseSource's Fuse Mediation Router subscription.  Thanks to...

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Can Anyone Help Please I Really Don't Find Solution For Long Time

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How To Add An Openmrs Conceptanswer

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Daily Dose : Java 7 Developer Preview Builds Finally Available!

Oracle's new Java 7 JDK, or JDK7, is now available for download by developers. This version of JDK7 has been officially feature complete since the beginning of...

1 replies - 25081 views - 02/24/11 by Katie Mckinsey in Daily Dose

From Scala back to Java

Here is a very interesting story of someone who started using Scala and then decided to come back to Java: My experiment with Scala is not working out....

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Customize JFrame

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CSS Rounded Corners

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JUnit 4.9 - Class and Suite Level Rules

If you have worked with JUnit Rule API which was introduced in version  4.8 then you might probably also think that they are very useful. For example,...

1 replies - 17227 views - 01/31/11 by Shekhar Gulati in Articles

And now instead, 5 things Java envies PHP for

Disclaimer: I do not want to start a religion war on Java vs. PHP. You know the old saying that we should learn a new programming language every now and then?...

26 replies - 16580 views - 01/25/11 by Giorgio Sironi in Articles

Php Xml Parser

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Flex Regex Versus Java Regex + Howto Embed Regex In Flex

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Hibernate UserTypeSupport

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JUnit Testing Private Method

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Replace File In JAR Archive

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Get Input With JOptionPane

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