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How to Build an Integrated Business

Obtaining a well integrated business is a core connected business tenet. By integrating business data, processes, rules, services and capabilities between...

0 replies - 2970 views - 02/10/14 by Chris Haddad in Articles

IBM Impact 2010 Keynote: Craig Hayman, GM Application & Integration Middleware, IBM

Craig Hayman is IBM's General Manager of Application & Integration Middleware.  In this keynote address at IBM Impact, Hayman addresses the need for...

1 replies - 5134 views - 05/05/10 by Eric Hagan in Videos

OutSystems Unveils Free Version of Agile Platform

OutSystems released a free version of the Agile Platform that allows developers to create web business applications and explore Agile techniques without any...

0 replies - 2053 views - 10/14/09 by Tiago Simões in Announcements

Parasoft's New Testing Framework Tackles the SOA Lifecycle

Parasoft recently unveiled the latest release of its SOA Quality Solution, an end-to-end, automated testing framework for SOA applications. The framework...

1 replies - 4634 views - 05/18/09 by Nitin Bharti in Articles

Change SOA Serial In DNS Hosts File Config

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Evolving Architectures - Architecture Retrospective

Retrospectives, every "agile" team does retrospectives.What are retrospectives anyway?A retrospective is a meeting where the team takes a look...

1 replies - 10532 views - 08/13/08 by Arnon Rotem-gal-oz in News

Sieve Of Zakiya -- Number Theory Sieves (NTS)

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