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DCI: Re-thinking the foundations of object orientation and of programming

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Sometime in the last 40 years, object-oriented programming got lost. Instead of producing code that can be understood by reading, it produces code that can be explored only by tests. In this talk, recorded at Øredev 2009,  Trygve Reenskaug, the inventor of the DCI (Data, Collaborations, and Interactions) architecture will describe its motivations and origins: how it can produce source code that maps directly from end user mental models, making it easier to understand and evolve.

This talk is the first of three in an Øredev series.

Part 2 - The DCI Architecture: Supporting the Agile Agenda in your Software Architecture

Part 3 -  DCI in Practice with Qi4J and the Composite Oriented Programming Model

About the Presenter

Trygve is prof. em. of informatics at the Univ. of Oslo. He has 50 years experience in SE R&D for industrial strength SW products. His firsts include end user programming, structured programming, and data base oriented architecture (1960); OO applications and role modeling (1973); MVC (1979); OOram role modeling (1983). Member of the UML Core Team(1997). The goal of his current research is to create a new, high level discipline of programming for readable code the mastery of our software. 

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