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Fast Build Times Integral to Continuous Integration

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Eric Lefevre says CI can be fun to implement, but you can also get carried away.  Algodeal gave up their CI server in favor of running systematic tests on developers' machines before checking in code.  Lefevre suggests that companies put a lot of emphasis on testing and the general architecture of the system.  Builds should run as fast as possible, he said - three to five minutes at the most.  He also believes that development teams need to accept CI from within their team rather than having another department impose it on them. 

 Eric Lefevre-Ardant works at Algodeal, a startup in the financial industry that will allow people to simulate investment strategies on a massive server grid.  His startup has been in business for about a year and a half.  DZone caught up to Lefevre at the North American Continuous Integration and Testing Conference (CITCON).

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