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Implementing Application Factories in Java

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Today, every developer has access to a proliferation of powerful open-source frameworks to build rich applications. These frameworks each offer incredible value, each with their own sweet spots and strengths addressing different layers of the application stack all the way from persistence to presentation.

However, the number of options and permutations can be overwhelming. A lot of effort goes into choosing and assembling the frameworks, establishing best practices and building out common core functionality. And even after it is established, every new member of the team has to go through a bootstrapping process to get a handle on the application.

In this presentation, filmed at EclipseWorld 2008, CodeGear Architect Ravi Kumar teaches another approach: application-driven development using the Application Factories model. This model lets you and your team produce and consume pre-built application modules to quick-start applications, communicate intent, capture instructions and recommendations and point to resources—all in a single, simple way driven from the application’s view of the world.

The session works with real-world examples to demonstrate building an end-to-end Web application with core compatibilities from a database table all the way to presentation.

Kumar also looks at how Application Factories help developers share knowledge—both navigational knowledge and logical knowledge of how to work with the application code. Finally, he explores techniques to capture developer intent and capture application evolution.

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David Sills replied on Mon, 2009/02/02 - 6:47am

This sounds terrific - any chance of getting a link to the examples? Especially to the demo?

Angelo Iacovella replied on Mon, 2009/02/02 - 7:45am


I would also love to get the presentation and examples for this - it looks fantastic.

jiji530 (not verified) replied on Tue, 2009/06/30 - 12:27am

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