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Mark Crowe on VersionOne

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Mark Crowe is the Director of Product Management at VersionOne.  His company's most recent release includes the launch of the Ultimate Edition, which features built-in regression testing, an analytics package for custom reports, and integration with Hudson.  Crowe says that VersionOne constantly has its ear to the marketplace when considering new features and support for certain methodologies.

VersionOne has introduced other features in upstream processes such as project planning as well as some features that pull teams outside of development closer into the software production cycle.  Crowe says that VersionOne has customers from both ends of the agile spectrum.  Some customers are just getting started with agile after using waterfall, and other customers have been using agile for years.  VersionOne's goal, Crowe says, is to help move less agile-experienced customers down to the more experienced end of the spectrum.
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