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Maven - A Whistle Stop Video Tour

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In this presentation, recorded at a recent London Java Community meeting, put on by Skills Matter, Martijn Verburg and Michael McCarthy guide the users through a whistle stop tour of Maven. Martijn describes Maven as a Java project management (life cycle) tool rather than as a basic build tool. It has a simple XML configuration model known as the Project Object Model to describe the dependencies and external modules a project utilises. Maven is capable of automatically organizing these for the user, and drives forward the idea of compiling before testing, testing before packaging, packaging before installation, and finally deployment. Deeper into the talk, Martijn gives an example of a POM file and demos Maven’s ability to give pre-defined targets for performing common tasks such as compiling code and the packaging. Maven is built around the idea of reusing build logic and standardising builds by preferring conventions over configuration.

Published at DZone with permission of its author, Nitin Bharti.

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Gene De Lisa replied on Wed, 2009/02/11 - 7:46am

I love videos like this. Absolutely!


It shows just how dreadful most programmers are at public speaking.

So much for the "if I can program I can also teach" assertion.

Martijn Verburg replied on Wed, 2009/02/11 - 1:12pm

LOL, I had _no_ idea that they were taping this.

Just to give some background info, this was one of several 10-minute speed talks given on various build tools (Ant, Antelope, Gant/Hudson) with the goal to have a much longer audience discussion comparing the merits and pitfalls of each afterwards (a typical scenario at the London Java Users Community meetings).  It certainly was not to 'teach' Maven in any way, shape or form.

Michael and I certainly would not target a talk like that if we were to teach Maven, a 10 minute rushed delivery would clearly _not_ be the way forward!

I'm still surprised that this was taped and distributed to this site, talk about strange!

The meeting was really good though, it's amazing how passionate people are about what initially seems to be a mundane topic!  Another meeting has been planned to discuss the build process further, I'd recommend to any London developers to check it out (just google London Java Community).

Jeroen Wenting replied on Mon, 2009/02/16 - 1:49am in response to: Gene De Lisa

"So much for the "if I can program I can also teach" assertion"

It's usually not the programmers making that claim, it's managers making the claim about programmers over their backs and often against their wishes.
Public speaking is a difficult thing to do, and almost noone with a technical education gets any training in it whatsoever. We get to give a presentation about our graduate work, which we can hopefully practice once or twice in front of coworkers who might have some tips (but who themselves never got real training either), and that's it. You're now considered to be able to speak in public about anything you know.
If you think you can do better than Martijn, prepare a presentation about the same topic and have it taped (with no editing, do it all in one take) in front of a few hundred strangers. Let's see how well you do with your big mouth and negative attitude.

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