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Robert Holler on the Evolution of Agile

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The CEO of VersionOne, Robert Holler, began one of the most successful agile management software companies in 2001 before it was widely accepted. In the early days, his company focused on providing agile infrastructure for small teams with 5-20 people. Now he says that there's a push to scale agile up for teams of 50-2,000. Holler has seen the evolution of Agile and he thinks that in five to ten years we might find that the term "agile" is no longer used because it will become the normal way that people work. Holler says one of the lessons he's learned about agile is that you're never an expert. The key to success in agile is to keep learning, he said. For 2010, Holler hopes that companies will get out of "economic survival mode" and start focusing on growth. In agile management, Holler says an important thing to deliver is intelligence across an organization that lets workers know why they're doing a certain task and how it relates to the customer and the business. Holler concludes by explaining what first steps a company should take when adopting agile.
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