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Sizing, Scoping, and Distributed Teams on AgilePlatform

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Mike Jones is the VP of worldwide marketing at OutSystems.  OutSystems has been working on Agile adoption projects for seven years - mainly in companies that build web applications.  Automated deployment and impact analysis are some of the main tools used by OutSystems.  They also set a timebox for the whole project and not just individual sprints because they know that a budget is needed first to build a piece of software.  OutSystems has built some scoping and sizing technologies that use pattern-based heuristics to measure the velocity of all their projects.

OutSystem's sizing and scoping technology is available right on their website in the Community Edition of AgilePlatform along with a free advisory service from OutSystems experts.  OutSystems uses a fairly rigorous Scrum-based approach in their projects.  OutSystems also knows techniques for dealing with distributed teams since most of their own team is geographically dispersed.  Jones also talks about OutSystems' new tools for process training.
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