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Tools for Large, Distributed Agile Teams

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In this interview, VersionOne product manager Jerry Odenwelder discusses the tools that make life easier for developers in large, distributed teams. He says scaling agile is one of the biggest problems that VersionOne's customers have. To facilitate developers and companies that use different tools, VersionOne's open platform supports a broad set of integrations for SDL (Software Development Lifecycle) utilities.

Odenwelder talks about Continuous Integration (CI) tools as well. VersionOne recently added support for a CI tool called Hudson. Odenwelder explains that CI is important to VersionOne's product management suit because it helps him select the highest quality build to go out the door. For reporting, Odenwelder tells us about VersionOne's new analytics tool, which lets customers build their own custom reports. This helps companies adapt to new ways of reporting. The interview concludes by looking at the places where VersionOne wants to expand its open platform in the future.

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