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Video: Agile Testing and SeleNesse

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Tools like FitNesse allows test automation to happen quickly and broadly.  However, many companies can't support it in their infrastructure.  Dawn Cannan got around this problem by helping create a Selenium-FitNesse plugin.  She also paired with developers in the Java space and the .NET space to bring this plugin to both domains.  Cannan is also going through an Agile transition where she supports pair programming, pair testing, and pairing testers and developers. 

Dawn Cannan is a software testing evangelist and QA manager who is also a maintainer on an open source plugin that connects Selenium and FitNesse, called SeleNesse.  The company she currently works for, DocSite, didn't have a formal testing department before she arrived.  Cannan helped implement the company's first testing and automation infrastructure.

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