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Video: Fire your 90's Ops Team if...

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Some DevOps humor has arrived for you on this Friday afternoon.  The video here is by Paul Stelligent (Author of our CI and Continuous Delivery Refcardz) via XtraNormal.  It's a little dated but hopefully it's new to you!  You might have experienced this kind of IT burreaucracy at some point in your career, and as Paul says, hopefully the IT teams that do this will be forced to change very soon.

Also, as a bonus - here are some fun DevOps quotes from Twitter today:

The DevOps Prayer:  "Grant me the serenity to accept the outages I cannot change; courage to change the outages I can; and wisdom to know the difference."

From Jesse Robbins, the CEO of Opscode: "SysAdmins *are* tired of shit that: 1) Doesn't Work. 2) Is sold to their bosses first."