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From Waterfall to Agile: An Exclusive Interview with VersionOne's Ian Culling

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In this interview, Ian Culling, the CTO at VersionOne, explains how agile methodologies can be liberating for developers.  He says, "There's so many reasons why it's a better place to be.  I found that there's a large population in established environments and processes that are pretty comfortable being their own cog in this big machine.  Agile is focused on getting people to step out of that and start taking a little more responsibility by self-organizing.  I'm surprised that more people weren't energized by that change - they were fearful of that change."

Culling talks about agile vs. waterfall, domain complexity, and scaling agile beyond the project and departmental level.  The benefits of co-locating and peer programming are also discussed.  Culling believes that agile methodology is achieved through both a top-down program and a project-level, bottom-up movement.  He concludes with some words of advice for companies that are just starting agile or increasing their agile efforts.

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